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Ali soufan argues interrogations are more art than science. Headquartered in new york, with representation in san francisco, chicago, boston, london, qatar, and. As an fbi supervisory special agent, ali investigated and. Defeating al qaeda with pizza, cookies, and the koran. On may 8, 2012, bloomberg news published an oped by ali soufan, criticizing a book recently published by former cia official jose rodriguez. Rather than the use of tactics based on psychological techniques meant to manipulate subjects into submission through humiliation and. Ali soufan historical records and family trees myheritage. Media caption former fbi agent ali soufan says he has not been allowed to tell the truth about 911 and events since. For many, may 2, 2011, should have meant not only the death of osama bin laden, but the end of alqaeda as well. The resurgent threat of al qaeda after bin ladens death, it has become a vast and deadly network of groups spread from syria to yemen to afghanistan. The third theme of the black banners is the most disturbing, poignant and effectivesection of the book. I think the islamic state is just a manifestation of alqaeda. The looming tower boss on ali soufan as the muslim. Created by dan futterman, alex gibney, lawrence wright.

This week on 60 minutes, ali soufan offers a warning. Ali soufan the daily show with jon stewart video clip. Former fbi special agent ali soufan reveals his personal american story and shares memories of his mentor john oneill. The black banners, ali soufan 9780393079425 boeken. Ali soufan this is a great question, that i wish i knew the answer to.

Those unfamiliar with the name ali soufan will soon be getting a lesson in his role in american history with the debut of hulus forthcoming 911 drama. A look at how the rivalry between the cia and fbi inadvertently set the stage for the tragedy of 911 and the war in afghanistan. The soufan group tsg is a global intelligence and security consultancy that helps clients in the public and private sectors enhance their ability to identify, assess, and successfully operate in highrisk, highopportunity environments. Ali soufan is the chief executive officer of the soufan group and founder of the soufan center. Soufan is a chair and ceo for the soufan group with five videos in the cspan video library. Thats when he testified from behind a black curtain in the. In my book i tried to stick to the facts, to what i knew for sure, in the. He has been profiled in the new yorker and featured in books, newspaper articles, and documentaries around the.

Soufan is a lebaneseamerican former fbi agent who was involved in a number of highprofile antiterrorism cases both in the united states and around the world. Cole and into events surrounding 911and was the subject of a 2006 new. Testimony of ali soufan may, 2009 statement of ali soufan mr. The jandal interrogation is a key scene in the tenth and final episode of the show.

Nprs robert siegel talks to former fbi special agent ali soufan about his new book, anatomy of terror. He tells frontline that critical cia intelligence about al qaeda was not. Anatomy of terror from the death of bin laden to the rise of the islamic state by ali soufan 359 pp. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. Had he received it months earlierwhen it was requestedthe attacks on new york and washington could have been prevented. Ali soufans book the black banners, which overlaps this time period. I know that each one of you cares deeply about our nations security. A 2006 new yorker article described soufan as coming closer than anyone to preventing the september 11 attacks and implied that he would have succeeded had the cia been willing to share information with him. Fordham law school, mcnally amphitheater 140 west 62nd street, nyc. In the past couple of weeks, ali soufan, the former f. A conversation with lawrence wright, mohamed elmenshawy, samer shehata, and robin wright. A leading national security and counterterrorism expert, he plays a significant advisory role in global intelligence issues. The senate report exposed an orchestrated campaign of deception and lies while i was an fbi agent.

Cia whistleblower john kiriakou on the new book by james e. Headquarters 156 w 56th street suite 1002 new york ny 10019. A counterterrorism expert explains how we got here and. Ali soufan, one of the fbis secret weapons in its fight against al qaeda, talks about the tactics he used against osama bin ladens men in an interview with lara logan.

Chairman, committee members, thank you for inviting me to appear before you today. Defeating al qaeda with pizza, cookies, and the koran the story of ali soufan, a key interrogator of terrorist suspects for the fbi, is a. In his revealing and timely new book, anatomy of terror, the former f. Im looking forward to chairing what should be a fascinating discussion on egypt in this historic moment. Ali soufan talked about his book, anatomy of terror. Tahar rahim, star of the looming tower, tells screen why his role as reallife fbi agent ali soufan is in line with his determination to choose projects that defy expectation. As the two men spar in lebanese arabic, soufan makes a piercing case for the. Former fbi special agent ali soufan examines irans possible use of nonstate entities for making power plays in the middle east.

As an arabicspeaking fbi agent, soufan was at the center of several al qaeda investigations before and after 911. Rancho mirage writers festival to discuss his latest book, anatomy of terror, and. Ali soufan explores the challenges posed by multiculturalism and ethnic nationalism in central asia. Tracing the hydraheaded reach of alqaida and how its leadership morphed into the islamic caliphate of iraq and elsewhere. A counterterrorism expert explains how we got here and what. Theres a lot of government material thats available publicly. He is a leading national security and counterterrorism expert and serves as a member of the homeland security advisory council. Anyone who wants to understand the world we live in now should read this book. From the death of bin laden to the rise of the islamic state, about the terrorist groups that have emerged since the death of osama bin laden.

It was always a comfort to me during the most dangerous of situations that i faced, from going undercover as an al qaeda. In the black banners, ali soufan takes readers inside. Soufan is a us citizen and recently graduated from a us university, but he is a muslim who was born and raised in lebanon and speaks fluent arabic, making him particularly suited to understanding islamist militant threats. The result is that defenses of torture, such as rodriguezs book, offer a onesided story. Shortly after the attack, ali soufan, a twentynineyearold lebaneseamerican, was driving across the brooklyn bridge when he received a page from the new york office of.

Ali soufan is chairman and chief executive officer of the soufan group. From the death of bin laden to the rise of the islamic state. In anatomy of terror, former fbi special agent and new york times bestselling author ali soufan dissects osama bin ladens brand of jihadi terrorism and its major offshoots, revealing how these organizations were formed, how they operate, their strengths, andcruciallytheir weaknesses. A book that will change the way we think about alqaeda, intelligence, and the events that forever changed america. I feel i learned a great deal from reading this book and as a result have gained a better understanding of the current situation globally. Exfbi interrogator gagged over 911 backstory bbc news. He has been profiled in the new yorker and featured in books. Join facebook to connect with ali soufan and others you may know. With jeff daniels, tahar rahim, wrenn schmidt, bill camp. The inside story of 911 and the war against alqaeda, 2011 composes a concise, accessible, enormously readable account of the trajectory of alqaida, especially through the actions of its murderous main. Soufans growingdisgust at how the interrogation methods developed and imposed on. This special edition of the soufan center salon series will feature ali soufan. This article highlights a number of seemingly absurd cia demands for redactions from ali soufans forthcoming book on the cias pre911 intel failures and post911 prisoner abuse, but, imho, the most significant info is buried at the end of the article. Ali soufan is a former fbi special agent and the author of the newly released anatomy of terror.

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